Mists Bardic @ Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Sep 20 @ 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Mists Bardic
Principality of the Mists (Saratoga, CA)
September 20, 2014

Come and enjoy a day of feasting and song, storytelling and fellowship! This is the day for choosing a new Bard of the Mists, and all are welcome at the table.

The competition has five rounds, with feasting between each round. The categories are:

  • a period piece
  • a piece in a period style
  • “masterwork”
  • bard’s choice **The theme this year is a piece on Heroism**
  • three words from a hat

The wonderful and creative Mistress Gianetta del Bene shall craft an early period Anglo-Saxon/Scandinavian feast for your enjoyment.
To reserve tickets, please contact the autocrat. To ask any questions regarding allergies, please contact the cook.

This is a **discretely damp site**, so wine and beer and cider only, with all bottles removed from the site. Candles are allowed at the site.

Autocrat: Leofwen Cryccthegn Deorcwuda, aka Branwen (Jennifer Nestojko)

Head Cook: Gianetta del Bene (Joyce Brendlinger)

Site Opens: 11:00 am Feast and Competition begins at 1:00 pmSite Closes: 10:00 pm

Site Fee: $10 (Non-Members: $15) Children 6-12: $5, 5 & under are free Feast: $11/person.
Make checks payable to “SCA-Principality of the Mists” To reserve tickets, contact the autocrat.

Site: Prince of Peace Lutheran Church / 12770 Saratoga Ave / Saratoga, CA 95070

From the North, make your way to 85S, and take the Saratoga exit. Turn left onto Saratoga and the church will be on the right.

From the South, make your way to 85N and take the Saratoga exit. Turn right onto Saratoga and the church will be on the right.

Event Facebook Page

Here is the current iteration of the menu. It may still change, but more
likely additions than subtractions. The foods are all
Anglo/Saxon/Scandinavian, with an emphasis on the 9-10th C.
Local sources for the food served include Lady Elizabeth de Belcaire,
baker, Michelle Russell, eggs, and Viscountess Muriel, apple cider vinegar.

First course:
Flatbread (multigrain, possibly oat & rye)
A variety of hardboiled eggs
Freshly made butter
Pickled vegetable

Second course
Cold sliced lamb on greens with cider dressing
Stockfish soup (budget depending)
Sourdough rolls

Third course
Grilled fowl, most likely chicken, but could be a game bird if I can afford
it. Could just be grilled chicken wings.

Fourth course:
Braised porkbelly
Pickled root veggies
Mushroom pies

Fifth course:
Apples dipped in honey
Barley porridge with clotted cream
Skyr (it’s like yogurt) with seasonal fruit

Beverages: Oxymel, Small Mead, Water The site is discreet – you may bring
your own ale, cider, wine. (I’d recommend ale or cider with the menu) but
all bottles, empty or full, must be removed from the site due to AA
meetings held there.

We’ll have tablecloths and candles, but you’ll need to bring your own bowl
(pref wood), small eating knife, spoon and cup. The hall will be set up as
a great mead hall, so it’s not conducive to bringing a fancy feastgear
setup. We’ll be sitting on benches, so you may want to bring a small flat
pillow, as I don’t think all the benches are padded. If you have a bench,
please pm me, in case we don’t have enough already.
To buy event/feast tickets, please contact Leofwen. There will be room for off-board seating. I’m planning on 50
guests, so get your reservations in early.
Common allergens for this feast include: wheat, dairy, tree nuts, fish. I’m
careful not to cross-contaminate in the kitchen, but the tables will be
served communally. If you need something served separately, please contact
 to discuss.

Mists Fall Coronet @ Skyline Park
Sep 26 @ 5:45 pm – Sep 28 @ 6:45 pm
Skyline Park  Napa, CA
Autocrat:  Allen Greywolfe of Sussex
Mists Spring Coronet 2015 @ Bolado Park Event Center
Apr 3 – Apr 5 all-day

Come join Their Highnesses of the Mists as Their successor is chosen. Their Highnesses ask that all combatants bring a banner to add to the pageantry of the day.

NO FIRES, no exceptions, due to drought conditions, per Park Regulations.

The Mists Rapier Championship will take place on Saturday.

Arts and Sciences activities will include:

Friday night: Dance break 7-8 or 8-9 – If you’ve been sitting in traffic for hours to get to the event, or slaving away setting up your encampment, wouldn’t it be great to loosen up with a little dancing? With maybe some singing for accompaniment?
Afterwards: Open Bardic – all past, present and future bards, c’mon over and do something. I hope to have someone leading easy rounds at first. What to bring: a chair and your voice What to take with you: chair, any cups or whatever you brought.

Saturday Morning: Bring your own breakfast & art talk. Talk about your latest projects with like- minded people. What to bring: chair, your breakfast, maybe a project. What to take with you: chair, breakfast dishes, etc.
Saturday early afternoon: reserved for competition entries & judging
Saturday late afternoon: currently open
Saturday evening: No host hedge tavern and gaming. What to bring: Your own beverages, games, chair, maybe a table. What to take with you: everything you brought and all your trash. 

Lists will be open from 8:00AM to 10:30AM for sign-ups. Invocation will be at 11. Be sure to remember to bring your banners as their highnesses have requested that all participants to the pageantry of the day with a display of flags and banners. Should you forget your banner, abject apologies and entertaining groveling may gain you mercy from our most generous and benevolent princess, Marguerite. It is possible that she may lend you a banner for the day so that you may in the Coronet Lists.

As a reminder, all participants must be current members. Fighters must have current authorization cards. Either the fighter or the consort must be resident in the principality of the Mists to compete. Combatants and Consorts may be of the same gender.

Their highnesses would prefer that each fighter should have their own unique consort. In other words, they prefer that no consort be fought for by multiple fighters. I ask that you do honor this request and the favor that your do carry whether t

The Mists Rapier Championship will be held Saturday.

Please be there early for invocation and challenges at morning court. Their Highnesses have requested that entrants bring a banner to the field and invocation to enhance the pageantry of our Principality.

We will have a field for the entirety of the day, open in the early part of the day for pickups and warm up. The tournament shall be double elimination or round robin, depending on the number of entrants, and will begin later in the day, ending with our finals right before the Coronet List finals. The winner shall step up as the Mists Rapier Champion at Investiture!

A firmer schedule will be posted here closer to the event.

 Arts and Sciences Competitions will be:

Fine Arts: A subtlety that can be displayed and/or eaten at the Princesses Meet the Populace Gathering (Tea)
Practical Science: Metalwork – something used in daily (medieval) life, not weaponry

The Saltatoris Nebularum (dance competition) will be the English Country dance, Rufty Tufty. The dance will be taught before the competition on Saturday afternoon, please keep an ear out for the heralds’ shout. For more information about local dance practices, feel free to ask on the facebook group “West Kingdom College of Dance and Music”.

Mists Silver Spoon Competition for Spring Coronet: Small, sweet, flour based goodies … wafers, dough fritters, stiff bisket bread (aka biscotti), springerlie, etc. … based on period recipes.  Silver Spoon Competitions are open to all … even if you don’t live in the Principality of the Mists. These competitions are judged by the participants, so come prepared to eat and chat about food.
Please contact me if you have any questions about the Silver Spoon Competitions.
Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez 

All of the Populace is invited to the Princess’ Tea which will start after 4th round. In addition to the tournament of roses, there will be a place for games such as bocce to be played in the central list area. Everyone is encouraged to bring their outdoor games.

To the Youth of our beautiful Principality: Come join our Easter fun as we herald in spring with activities galore. We will be busy all day with dying eggs, egg dances, basket making, tansy cake making and, well, more egg stuff! Activities begin after invocation of the lists. We will break from 12-1:30 for lunch.

NOTE: Children 5 and older are welcome (children under 5 may attend with an older sibling). Children 5-7 MUST have a parent/guardian present with them at all times. Youth 7 and up must be within eyesight of parents/guardians. Please contact Logan Bengrick if you would like to volunteer your time or supplies. (Christy Righetti)

Autocrat: Amairgein Mac Coachlaoich
Site Information: San Benito County Fairgrounds 9000 Airline Highway, Tres Pinos, CA 95075
Start Time: Site opens Friday at 12 pm and closes Sunday at 5 pm
Site Fee: Member: $10 Non-Member: $15 Children (ages 6-12): $5 Children (under age 5): free Family Max: $40


From south of Gilroy: Take the best route to US-101 N to CA-156 E toward San Juan Batista/ Hollister. Turn right onto Union Road. Turn right onto Airline Hwy/ CA-25. *Follow CA-25 through Tres Pinos and the fairgrounds will be on your right.

From the Bay Area: Take US-101 S. Take the CA-25 exit toward Hollister CA-25 merging right going into Hollister. Turn left onto Santa Ana Road. Turn right onto Fairview Road. Turn left onto Airline Hwy/ CA-25 and follow CA-25 through Tres Pinos and the fairgrounds will be on your right. From I-5: Take CA-33 exit at Santa Nella towards Gilroy. Turn West onto CA-33. Merge onto CA-152 West toward Gilroy. Turn left onto CA-156/ Pacheco Pass Hwy. Turn left onto Fairview Road. Turn left onto Airline Hwy/ CA-25 and follow CA-25 through Tres Pinos and the fairgrounds will be on your right.

If you are on Facebook, join the conversation or ask questions about this event:


Mists/Cynagua War 2015 @ Ed Levin Park
May 8 – May 10 all-day

Oh such a fortunate populace are we, to have two brother princes, both alike in nobility, love, and respect as Brian Prince of the Mists, and Bjorn Prince of Cynagua. And doubly blessed are we to have the beauty and shared affection of our noble princess sisters, Princess Marguerite and Princess Hilarie.

How shall the close knit affection between our noble siblings be expressed?


Hear now the martial call of their Highnesses. Gather all your strengths. Bring your armor, weapons, crafts, and deadly artistic talents and join us at the Mists/Cynagua War!

Friday May 8th Sunday May 10th, 2015

Site opens at 12:00 noon on Friday May 8th.

Ages 12 and up: $5
Ages 11 and under: free
Family Max: $40

Activities will include:

Game Challenges With Prizes

  • Art & Sciences Competitions for War Points
  • Arts: cooking (topic: Feed The Troops)
  • Fine Arts: bardic (topic: Entertain The Troops)
  • Sciences: containers, any size or style (examples: scabbards, reliquaries, haversacks, bench-boxes, drinking vessels, wagons, unnecessarily elaborate armor bags, et cetera)

Documentation will not be required in any of these competitions, but will improve an entry’s score.


Saturday dinner will be a potluck. Their Highesses Brian and Marguerite will be providing spit roasted “swans” as the base of the pot luck. The populace is asked to bring a tur…um…swan alternative main, side dish, or dessert to share. A large cooking area with BBQ pit, (Santa Maria style) will be prepared with charcoal for any cooks that would like to help feed the populace. Stove space will be available. Assistance is asked for helping carve the birds.

Marshall: Mists Earl Marshall, Loy Schiemann der Kleine- 408-618-9902

Sedania & Gryffen de Corwyn (Ronda & James Miyake)

Mists Spring Investiture 2015 @ Martinez Masonic Lodge #41
May 16 @ 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

As the spring buds burst forth into fresh blossoms and young shoots, so too our Principality brings forth its new royalty. Their Highnesses Brian and Marguerite welcome all to witness the investiture of Their heirs.

A feast will be prepared by Mistress Catherine of Wessex. If you have any dietary or allergy questions, please contact her at Ticket requests should be sent to the autocrat (

No open flames allowed. Food and drink are only allowed in the feast area. Please try to carpool as parking is limited.

In addition to court festivities, the day will be filled with period arts and sciences! Competitions are listed below. Contact the A&S minister ( with questions.

Technical Science: Seals & Waxes
Performing Arts: Read a letter as: a lord dictating a letter to his scribe, a scribe reading back a letter to his lord, a parent intercepting a love letter to their child.
Silver Spoon: A period dish featuring eggs and/or dairy. Contact the Silver Spoon minister ( with questions.

Site Info:
Martinez Masonic Hall
700 Masonic St / Martinez, CA 94553
Site opens at 9:30 am and closes at 9:00 pm

Site Fee: $10 (NMS $5), Children 6-12: $5; 5 and under: free, Family Max: $40. Feast tickets $11. Make checks payable to “SCA – Principality of the Mists”.

Autocrat: Catrin Aderyn (Shamayel Daoud) // 858-527-5699



Please note!
There is a street fair in Martinez this Saturday, with street closures. Updated directions to Mists Investiture for accessing the site via 680 are below.

Updated directions for accessing the site from 680: 

Via Highway 680:
From North: Take the Marina Vista Rd exit toward Waterfront Road. Turn left onto Marina Vista Ave. Turn left onto COURT St. Turn right onto GREEN St. Turn left onto FERRY St. Turn right onto MASONIC St. The hall will be on the left. 

From South: Take the Waterfront Rd exit toward Marina Vista Rd. Turn left onto Waterfront Rd, and continue onto Marina Vista Ave. Turn left onto COURT St. Turn right onto GREEN St. Turn left onto FERRY St. Turn right onto MASONIC St. The hall will be on the left.

Make your best route toward Martinez.
Via Highway 4: Take the Alhambra Ave exit toward Martinez. Turn north onto Alhambra Ave. Turn right onto Masonic St. The hall will be on the right.
Via Highway 680: From North: Take the Marina Vista Rd exit toward Waterfront Road. Turn left onto Marina Vista Ave. Turn left onto Ferry St. Turn right onto Masonic St. The hall will be on the left. From South: Take the Waterfront Rd exit toward Marina Vista Rd. Turn left onto Waterfront Rd, and continue onto Marina Vista Ave. Turn left onto Ferry St. Turn right onto Masonic St. The hall will be on the left.

Feast Menu (so far):

  • Bread, Butter/Herb Butter
  • Dried Fruits
  • Punge (meatballs)
  • Torta Inivre (Chicken Pie)
  • Lonsenges or Makerouns (mac & cheese)
  • Veg Compost (pickled veggies)
  • Mushroom Leek (also some with no leeks)
  • Boiled Garlic
  • Stuffed Pig (stuffed Pork Loin – smoked)Cherry Sauce
  • Salat
  • Sprouts
  • Spiced Lentils
  • Saffron Rice
  • Gingerbread
  • Tarts
  • Cakes
The Duchess War @ Finley Park
May 30 all-day

Saturday May 30th, 2015
Santa Rosa, California
Shire of Wolfscairn
It is time once again to unleash the dogs of war! The War Duchess of Wolfscairn calls upon all Ladies of Estate to assemble Their armies and take to the field to win Glory, Honor, and Treasure!

Everyone is welcome! Armor inspection begins at 10 am. Fighting will begin at 11am and run until 4pm. As is tradition, this will be an all day resurrection battle. Any donation of a prize for the treasure chest will be gladly accepted.

This is the same park we usually use but we are not using the picnic tables or gazebos. We will be on the same grassy area closer to the tennis courts.
Please bring sunshades or pavilions. We will be at the far end of the parking lot, away from the picnic area.

This is a DRY, SMOKE-FREE site. Absolutely NO alcohol. Absolutely NO smoking, including cigarette, cigars, e-cigarette and medicinal substances.

Anne of Whaleshaven

Site Information:
Finley Park (70 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa CA 95401)
70 Stony Point Road 95401 Santa Rosa , CA

Start Time:
Site opens at 9am and closes at 5pm
Site Fee:
$5 site fee, children under 12 free; $5 non-member surcharge Checks made out to SCA – Wolfscairn

North on 101 to Santa Rosa, take the Highway 12 exit towards Sebastopol. Take the Stony Point exit, turn right onto Stony Point. The park is on the right (about 4 stop lights). There is a stop light at the entrance to the park, the street name is Finley Park. There is a fire station right across the street to the park entrance.

June Crown @ San Benito County Fairgrounds
Jun 19 – Jun 21 all-day

Their Majesties, Hauoc and Mina invite all to attend to the Crown tournament to determine Their heirs.

More specific information regarding the tournament and event activities will be forthcoming.

Fire restrictions: No open wood fires, or candles. Enclosed candles are ok, bbqs are ok as long as there is something to catch ashes/embers. Propane stoves are ok, and propane firepits are ok.

Please see the West Kingdom Website for further updates about the event.

Autocrat: Edmond of Surrey

Site Information:
San Benito County Fairgrounds (9000 Airline Hwy, Tres Pinos CA 95075)
9000 Airline Hwy 95075 Tres Pinos , CA
See map: Google Maps
Start Time:
Site opens at Noon on Friday and closes at 5 pm on Sunday.
Site Fee:
$15 ($20 for non-members). Family cap of $40 (members) applies. Make checks payable to “SCA Inc Kingdom of the West.”

Midsummer Revelry @ Canton of Montagne du Roi
Jun 27 @ 2:59 pm – 3:59 pm

More Info TBA – check Calendar 

Midsummer Revelry
Saturday June 27th, 2015
Canton of Montagne du Roi

West / An Tir War (Kingdom of An Tir) @ Lazy J Moore Ranch
Jul 1 – Jul 5 all-day

Their Majesties of the AnTir invite the Known World to take part in the grand War between the great and noble Kingdoms of An Tir and the West. Complete information can be found at

Preregistration is open

Land reservations are open

Please Note: There is No running water or electrical power on site.

Merchants MUST preregister with the Merchant-crat: HL Tamar Rustavelli

Autocrat – Mistress Attia Prima
Autocrat – Viscountess Nadezhda Volynskaiia

Land Reservations – Countess Liesel von Langental

Arts & Sciences – Baron Faunus DeArden

Archery – Loegaire mac Lochlainn

Gate – Bonesig Rhieinwylydd verch Einion Llanaelhaearn

Royal Liasion – HE Ula Brennasdottir

Website – Vivien NicUldoon

RVs must contact Her Excellency Dirffina. Please let her know of the space needed for your RV.

Site Information:
Lazy J Moore Ranch (96029 Euchre Creek Rd, Gold Beach OR )
96029 Euchre Creek Rd Gold Beach , OR
See map: Google Maps
Site Fee:
Preregistered Adult: $30, Adult paying on site: $35, Adult day trip only: $25. Children under their 18th birthday: $0 – no site fee. Merchant fee: $20 in addition to the appropriate site fee.
Directions from the North: Make your best way to Port Orford Oregon. Head south from Port Orford on Hwy 101 approx 16 miles. Last milepost seen is 316. You turn left on to Ophir road just before you would reach milepost 317. Then turn left onto Euchre Creek road. Follow road to site, approx 1 mile. Directions from the South: Make your best way to Gold Beach Oregon. Head north out of Gold Beach on Hwy 101 for approx 11 miles to milepost 317. Turn right on to Ophir road. Turn left onto Euchre Creek road. Follow road to site, approx 1 mile.

Mists Fall Coronet Tournament 201
Sep 25 – Sep 27 all-day


Mists Silver Spoon Competition:

*Fall Coronet: Rice … blancmange, rice fritters, rice tarts, pilaf, etc. … based on period recipes
Silver Spoon Competitions are open to all … even if you don’t live in the Principality of the Mists. These competitions are judged by the participants, so come prepared to eat and chat about food.
Please contact me if you have any questions about the Silver Spoon Competitions.

Mists Bardic: Principality of the Mists @ Santa Cruz Masonic Lodge
Oct 24 @ 12:00 pm – 10:45 pm

Mists Bardic: Principality of the Mists
Canton of Caer Darth (Santa Cruz)
October 24, 2015

Come one and all for a day of music and poetry, of friendship and feasting. This is the competition to find the next Bard of the Mists, and you are all invited to participate as performers or audience or a bit of both.

The site is discretely wet. Please contact the head cook in the case of special food needs. There will be vegetarian options as well as gluten-free options for all courses served. The site does not allow open flame.

The competition has five rounds, which are period piece, piece in a period style, bard’s choice, masterwork, and the ever-famous three words from a hat. The bard’s choice (which is the choice of the current bard) is mercy.

We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful entries. If you wish to have a member of the Order of the Golden Branch, the order of former Bards of the Mists, mentor you as you prepare, please contact Rhys Gethin.

Even if you are not competing , feel free to bring a song or poem or performance to share!

Autocrat: Rhys Gethin (Rhys Moore)
Head Cook: Leofewen Cryccthegn Deorcwuda (Jennifer Nestojko)

Site Opens: 12:00   Site Closes: 10:00

Fest/Competition Begins: 1:30

Site Fee: Adult – $10.00 Child 6-12: $5.00 Non-Member Fee: $5.00 / Family maximum: $40.00
Feast Tickets: $11.00

Site Address: Santa Cruz Masonic Lodge
828 N. Branciforte Ave.,
Santa Cruz CA 95062

Directions: Take your best route (17 South, ! North or South) to the Ocean street exit. Take Ocean street to Water street. Turn left onto Water street and follow to N. Branciforte Ave. Make a right onto N. Branciforte, then a left turn into the first driveway.

Collegium Occidentalis @ Foothills Congregational UCC
Nov 7 all-day

Collegium Occidentalis,

Saturday, November 7th, 2015:

12 + hours of classes, hands-on workshops, discussion panels, and demonstrations celebrating the SCA and promoting the arts & sciences of the Medieval and Renaissance eras.

And, Yes! Activities WILL actually be scheduled from 8:00am to 9:00pm this year.

Below, you’ll find a few class titles from last year’s Collegium:

“Historical Carving and Serving (…a period chicken)”
“A Pas d’arms in 15th Century Burgundy”
“Intro to Norse/Viking Garb”
“Basic Combat Melee”
“Lampwork Beads….Taking the Genie Out of the Torch”
“Begining Embroidery and Design Transfer”
“Learn to Turn Gold into Gold by Making Real Gold Paint!”
“Intro to Late Period Flemish Headdresses”
“Beads for the Humble: Period Paternosters of Wood and Bone”

This year’s roster of Collegium activities will be even more impressive.

Visit the “Collegium Occidentalis” Facebook site often: information about the event will be updated regularly…as soon as it becomes available.

Mists Fall Investiture @ St. Jude's the Apostle Episcopal Church
Nov 21 @ 3:10 pm – 4:10 pm

Their Highnesses Prince Alfar and Princess Eillis do cordially invite you to witness the Investiture of Their Heirs. A marvelous feast to celebrate Them will be made by Flidais ni Eitigen.

Attention Mists Escort/Guard Alumni!
The old Mists baldrics will be auctioned off at Mists Investiture. Funds raised will be used for new Mists regalia. Baldrics will be on display in the hall, please come take a look. All are welcome to bid. Auction will take place during the break between first court and investiture court.

Competitions will include:
Silver Spoon: Fermented or Preserved Savories – pickles, cured meats, cheese, mustards, etc. based on period recipes. The competition is judged by the competitors.

Practical Science: Scabbards
Performing Arts: Instrumental piece
Working on something you don’t want to get dirty when showing at tourneys? Show it off here! Bring your recently finished or still in progress work to display in the hall.

Saltatoris Nebulorum competition dance: Rostiboli Gioioso
You do not need to know the dances to participate. They will be taught at the event until everybody feels reasonably confident in their new skills. Once you have a basic grasp of the dance, all you need display to win are the cardinal virtues of dance: Poise, Confidence, Enjoyment, and (of course) Flirting!

Tickets for the feast will be on sale by mail from the Autocrat, and must be purchased in advance. Make checks payable to “SCA – Principality of the Mists.”
Ticket requests, along with a SASE, can be send to :
Denise Cicuto
1510 Pacific Ave
Alameda, CA 94501

For more info about the feast, contact the Autocrat or Head Cook. Please contact the Head Cook if you have any dietary restrictions/ allergies.

Autocrats: Nisaa Karahisari and Ajax Thermopoleakle

Head Cook: Flidais ni Eitigen

Site Information:
St. Jude’s the Apostle Episcopal Church (20920 McLellan Road, Cupertino California )
20920 McLellan Road Cupertino , CA

Start Time:
Opens at 10:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm
Site Fee:
$10 (NMS $5), Children 6-12: $5; 5 and under: free, Family Max: $40.
Feast Fee:
Feast tickets $11
The site is on the corner of McLellan and Stelling, across from De Anza College. (There is an orchard on corner.)

From the East Bay: Take 880 South to 84 West, 101 South to exit 398B for 85 South. Take 85 South 5.7 miles to Stevens Creek Boulevard and turn Left. Go 1/2 mile and turn Right on S Stelling Road, then another 1/2 mile and turn Left on McClellan Road.

From the North: Take 101 South to exit 398B for 85 South. Take 85 South 5.7 miles to Stevens Creek Boulevard and turn Left. Go 1/2 mile and turn Right on S Stelling Road, then another 1/2 mile and turn Left on McClellan Road.

From the South: Take 85 North to De Anza Boulevard exit and turn Left. Go .2 miles and turn Right on Rainbow Drive. Go .6 miles and turn Right on S Stelling Road, then go 1 mile and turn Right onto McClellan Road.


Feast tickets are $11. Make checks payable to “SCA – Principality of the Mists.” Tickets for the feast will be on sale by mail from the Autocrat, and must be purchased in advance. For more info about the feast, contact the Autocrat or Head Cook. Please contact the Head Cook if you have any dietary restrictions/ allergies. Please note: the deadline to buy feast tickets is November 9th.


Here is the delightful menu for the feast, with ingredients listed. If you have allergies, please write to Head Cook Flidais Ni Eitigen at by 11/9:


  • Bread (commercially prepared wheat bread)
  • butter (commercially purchased salted dairy cow butter)
  • green salad with vinaigrette (mixed lettuces, wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, mustard)
  • Chicken Apple sausages (commercial sausages)

1st Met

  • Chicken broth (commercial broth)
  • Mushrooms in cheese (mushroom, butter, parmesan cheese, cream cheese, long pepper)
  • Norse pies (wheat flour, water, salt, suet, chicken, pine nuts, currants, gruyere cheese, sugar, salt)
  • Millet frumenty with saffron  (millet, water, salt, saffron)

2nd Met

  • Tarts de Brie   (wheat flour, water, salt, butter, brie cheese, egg yolk, saffron, ginger, sugar, salt)
  • Bourblier tart  (wheat flour, water, salt, lard, pork, ginger, cassia, cloves, grains of paradise, bread crumbs, wine, verjus, vinegar)
  • Roasted chickens  (commercial)
  • Garlic Jaunce sauce  (almond, ginger, garlic, white wine, salt, grains of paradise, verjus)
  • Must sauce  (grapes, red wine, cinnamon, sugar, ginger)
  • Sage sauce  (parsley, sage, chicken broth, saffron, white wine vinegar, hard-boiled egg yolks, salt, grains of paradise, bread crumbs)
  • Barbe Robert (onion, vinegar, mustard, long pepper, grains of paradise, salt)
  • Rice  (rice, water, salt)


  • Almond Milk Flan (almond, water, sugar, salt, saffron, rice flour, butter, egg)
  • Cream Flan (wheat flour, butter, salt, eggs, sugar, salt, cow dairy cream)
  • Candied orange peel (orange peel, honey, ginger, sugar)
  • Wafers (flour, eggs, wine, sugar)
  • Emplumeus de Pomes (apple, water, salt, almond, sugar)
  • Fruit preserves (commercial)
  • Whipped cream (cow dairy cream)


Turkey Turney
Nov 28 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Turkey Turney

Saturday November 28th, 2015
Morgan Hill, California
Canton of Hawk’s Haven

Come and fight off all that feasting at the Post-Turkey Turkey Tourney! Greetings from Hawks Haven, in the congenial Barony of Darkwood! Please join us at our annual Turkey Tourney November 28, 2015 at Machado School in Morgan Hill.

Site opens at 9:00 am. Armor inspection will be held at 11:00 am. The Mad Dog Melee starts at 12 noon and ends at 2 pm. “Turkeys” will be awarded for belted and un-belted fighters.

There will be a foam-weapon melee for the kids with prizes, as well as period games.

Please bring festive comestibles to share for the post-melee leftover madness potluck revel. (Remember, no kitchen on site.)

We will also be contesting the art of subtle courtly criticism – bring your best veiled insults, original and period preferred, for your entertainment during the repast.

And don’t forget your live steel, because the bottle-cutting contest starts at 3:30 pm! We encourage everyone participating in the Bottle Cutting Contest to start saving your empty 2-liter bottles NOW and bring them along to ensure that we have plenty for all to slash at. (Or, if Thanksgiving revelries are at your house, this is a great re-use opportunity!)

AutocratKaisa Turkuinen

Site Information:
Machado School (15130 Sycamore Drive, Morgan Hill CA 95037)
15130 Sycamore Drive
95037 Morgan Hill  ,  CA
Start Time:
Site opens at 9am, Tournament begins at 11am, Site closes at 6pm
Site Fee:
$8 for adults; $3 for children; children under 12 free. (+$5 Non Member Surcharge)

Take Highway 101 to the Tennant Ave exit in Morgan Hill. If you are northbound on 101, turn left and cross the overpass. If you are southbound, turn right on Tennant. Tennant becomes Edmundson when you cross Monterey Road. Turn left on Sunnyside. Turn right on Sycamore. Machado School is on the left after you cross a narrow bridge.

Beconsgate Boars Hunt – Province of the Mists @ Camp Herms
Dec 6 @ 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Winter is coming, and that means it’s time for the Annual Beaconsgate Boar Hunt and Feast sponsored by the Province of the Mists!

Boar Hunt is a fighting activity. A Boar is played by a fighter armed with two maces. Hunters are fighters armed only with spears. And “hounds” are fighters armed with daggers. There are also unarmored “dogs”, who seek out the boars and bark when they are discovered — this can be a great role for a mature child accompanied by a responsible adult.

We are also planning on having Stag Hunts for the rapier fighters that show up!

While The Hunts are going on during the day, we will have many activities within the hall — dancing, singing, music, games — for non-fighters and tired fighters, so bring musical instruments, dancing shoes, and board games. Banners to help make the hall more festive are especially welcome! Please plan to bring something for your lunch if you are coming on site early.

Site is “discretely wet” please decant.

Our feast this year will be prepared by Michael of the Shire, with drink pairings by the Mistress of the Brewers Guild, Argenteilin Filia Elffin. Menu details to come. Reservations for the feast are available from the Autocrat Dafydd Waleis (David Fellner) at the West Kingdom Meet and Beat, Collegium Occendentalis, and Mists Investiture and are $15 per person.

Jingles @ St. Jude the Apostle Episcopal Church
Dec 12 @ 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Come join the Province of Southern Shores for a day of gaming, and put a little jingle in your purse! The day’s activities will include casino style gaming with several tables of different games along with classes on how to play them, a make-and-take game board class and games, and activities for the kids. We will also have a silent auction throughout the day with goodies made and/or donated by the talented members of Southern Shores, just in time for the holidays.

In the evening, we will dine on a late period French feast cooked by Aaliz de Saint-Joseph. Feast tickets are available now. Please contact either Aaliz or Apollonia Faust to reserve your spot.

The Brick Spoon Competition: The category this year is finger foods. Please bring your favorite period finger food (with documentation) to be judged. Cooks of ALL experience level are encouraged to compete!

Silver Tongued Devil: This bardic competition puts your impromptu skills to the test. The current Silver Tongued Devil will choose a topic. The contestants make up their best story on the spot, and it’s always entertaining.

Half Dirty Dozen Largesse Competition: Since it’s always a busy time of year, this competition only requires that participants make 6 of a particular item to be donated as largesse. The populace will vote for their favorite, and the winner will be able to choose one of their favorite items to keep. The rest will be donated to kingdom largesse.

More information can be found at the event FB page:

AutocratApollonia Faust

Site Information:
Start Time:
10:00am – 8:00pm
Site Fee:
$10 for members, $15 for non-members, $5 ages 6 – 12, and ages 5 and under free. Family cap is $40. Make checks payable to “SCA – Province of Southern Shores”
Feast Fee:
Feast tickets are $10 each. Ages 5 and under free. Make checks payable to “SCA – Province of Southern Shores”