Silver Spoon Competitions for 2017 

Greetings populace of the Mists,
The cooking theme for the Silver Spoon this year is THE FOUR FOOD GROUPS.

Competitions are as follows 

  • Spring Coronet:  VEGETABLES!!  Any period dish made with Vegetables.
  • Spring Investiture:  MEATS!! Any period dish made with Meat.
  • Fall Coronet: DAIRY OR GRAINS!!! ( or if you are a zombie, Graaaaaains) Any Period dish made with Dairy or Grains,  or Dairy AND Grains.
  • Fall Investiture: FRUITS!  Any period dish made with Fruit.As always, this is a NO WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION competition, but you should come prepared to speak about your dish, where the recipe comes from, redactions, what worked, what did not, what you would do differently.   Remember a competition is when there is more than one dish entered. The competitors will be the judges.

Baroness Margaret Graham, Minister of the Silver Spoon.

Contact the Silver Spoon Minster here