Words of the Seawolf Scribe

May, 2013

Greetings from the new Seawolf Scribe of the Mists.

I am just beginning to assess the state of our current scribal activities and what I might do to encourage new scribes take up a pen or brush in the service of their Principality. Our scroll production is centered around people who have requested a scroll for an award they have already received. I like being able to be able to produce some scrolls in advance if there is some lead-time possible, and we call that ‘combat scribing’ and if you wish to become a part of that, please let me know.

Scrolls only get produced if the person has a name that has passed through the college of heralds, and if the scroll bears your arms, then the blazon must be passed as well. I will be visiting scribal workshops and gatherings during my tenure, so I can meet you all and explain anything regarding my expectations and standards that you might have.

I will also be recruiting teachers for collegiums, and A&S events, and will even do some teaching myself. If you wish to teach some aspect of calligraphy and illumination, please let me know. I am available by email if you have any questions.

Anne FitzRichard
Seawolf Scribe