The Order of the Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon Competition Entry Sheet

Competition Theme: _____________________________________________________________________

Event: _________________________________________________________________________________

Entrant: _______________________________________________________________________________

Entry: _________________________________________________________________________________

Judge: _________________________________________________________________________________
Note to Judges: If you have no comments on a category, please write “No Comments”. Bear in mind that constructive comments can help Entrants improve their work.

Documentation (1-5): Is original recipe included in original language (not always possible) and modern English? Is original historical source of recipe identified? Any additional references? Modern working recipe by entrant in entrant’s own words? Ingredients & quantities? Discussion/justification of any substitutions? Clear instructions that can be followed by others? What changes in process were made and why?


Authenticity (1-5): Discusses authenticity and development of working recipe along with explanations and justifications for any changes. Is this an historically plausible interpretation of the recipe or style? Were ingredient substitutions and/or procedural changes reasonable?

Appearance/Presentation (1-5): Does the food look as the recipe describes or implies? Is the presentation suitable for the time period and the part of the world the dish is from? Does presentation interfere with the taste or appearance of the food? Does the dish suit the theme of the competition?


Difficulty in Scope & Skill (1-5): Consider both the ambition of the entry and the success in achieving outcome. How hard was it to find ingredients? To prepare ingredients? Were many techniques involved in the preparation? Did the dish succeed?


Taste (1-10) <– note points]: Does it smell appetizing and taste good?


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