Arts & Sciences

Principality of the Mists: Arts and Sciences

Mists A&S Competition/Display Schedule 2019

This year’s theme: An Evening Well Spent

Documentation? Yes!

Please bring your entry AND documentation for it if you plan to enter the competition. About 3 pages is a great length for competition documentation. So is 1 page.

Spring Investiture

Remedies – Any item used to sooth ailments

Ex:Cough, colds, tooth aches

Bedtime- Any item made for the bed or sleeping.

Ex: Embroidered linen, underclothes, sleeping caps

Spring Coronet:

Dinner- Food consumed for Dinner in our period.

Ex:Meat pies, Bread, Cheese

Entertainment- Evening activities

Ex: Games, Songs (Original or period piece), or Dance

Fall Coronet

Children’s Items- Any item used at bedtime

Ex: Dressing gown, cap,

Child’s Verses and Stories- A performing art piece

Ex: Bedtime stories, Lullabies

Fall Investiture

Drink and be Merry -Any Brewed items alcoholic or non

A Flirtation – Performance piece designed for flirtation.

For example: A dance, a song, a sonnet, an instrumental piece of music. Original or period-sourced.