Crosston Ball

Crosston Ball 2022

Come dance with us! The Shire of Crosston’s annual ball is back to
physical reality, on the 21st of May at the beautiful History Club of
Los Gatos. Join us for a day of dancing, music and merriment. Classes
for beginner and intermediate dancers will be available during the
day, with class schedule available on our Facebook page and hopefully
here once we get closer to the day. All dances will be called during
the ball.

Crosston welcomes live musicians! Contact the event steward for
details and sheet music.

We will be taking Covid precautions in accordance with the county and
Kingdom rules as of the day of the event. Should that include an
indoor mask mandate, the set list will be redesigned to have shorter
sets with less energetic dances, so that hopefully most people will
still be able to partake; should it require we remain outdoors, we may
either redesign sets or cancel, please check for updates if this is
the case! The site also has a lovely outdoor patio and garden for
people who want to chat or catch some fresh air (the patio has
heaters, in the unlikely event they should become necessary in May.)
Like all things in this time, the Ball is uncertain; we hope that by
the 21st we should be fine, but should things get bad enough we may
need to go online again, or wait until next year. We sincerely hope
not, and will keep people posted!

Site rules: Please wear shoes with non-marking soles.

Schedule: Setup begins at noon, dance classes run 1 pm to 5pm, at
which point we pause for dinner. No feast is planned; there are
various restaurants in the area that may do delivery, or bring
whatever you would like. 6pm Ball opens, 10pm Ball closes/cleanup
begins, 11pm hall closes.

Event Steward: Rebecca da Firenze (Rebecca Friedman)

Phone: (408) 244-3330 (or text (408) 239- 9005)

E-mail: (please use this one!), with THL Rhiannon Boyle as co-Steward.

Advance Registration: As usual, the Ball is donation-only; donations
are welcome but there is no site fee. That said, we would really love
to have an idea of who is coming in advance, this year of all years,
so we are requesting online registration. We will hopefully be able to
welcome extra people on the day, but having a list in advance would be
really great, especially if (as I hope we won’t) we end up dealing
with capacity limits. For preregistration please see our Facebook
page; we enthusiastically encourage you to complete it if you expect
to come! That said, if you haven’t completed it and suddenly decide
you’d like to come, or have an unexpected friend to bring along, by
all means we would love to have you/your friend! This just makes it
easier for us.

Site Information: Los Gatos History Club, 123 Los Gatos Blvd. Los
Gatos, CA.

Directions: Make your way to CA-17 south of San Jose. Exit onto
Saratoga-Los Gatos Road, exit 20A. Turn right onto Los Gatos Blvd.
Site will be on your right.

Parking: The site has an extremely small parking lot, which is
expected to fill up quickly. Please plan to park on the nearby streets
and walk a little ways, especially if you arrive on the later side.