Current Royalty

The Prince and Princess of the Mists & Their Court

Prince Ulfr and Princess Thyri,
81st Coronet of the Principality of the Mists

Head of Court:  Domina Brid Hecgwiht (Marisa Herzog on FB)

Royal Progress

DateEventKingdomPrincip.Ulfr & Thyri
May 18Mists Spring InvestitureWestMistsYes
June 1Kingdom CollegiumWestMistsYes
June 21-23June CrownWestOerthaYes
July 3-7West-AnTir WarAn TirAn TirYes
July 13Cynagua Summer InvestitureWestCynaguaYes
July 20DebarcheryWestMistsYes
July 27Barony of Tarnmists ProtectorateWestSouthern MarchesYes
Aug 10Northern Wolf PrizeWestMistsYes
Aug 15-18Sport of KingsAn Tir Yes – Ulfr Only
Aug 23-25Purgatorio CoronationWest Yes
Aug 30Highland WarCaid Yes
Sept 6-8Mists – Cynagua WarWestMistsYes
Sept 14Westermark MadnessWestMistsYes – Thyri Only
Sept 20Mists Fall CoronetWestMistsYes
Sept 28Autumn CrownWest Yes
Oct 5Hawk’s Haven Turkey Tourney
Oct 8-14Great Western WarCaidWintermistYes
Oct 18Kingdom Arts & Sciences TournamentWest Yes
Oct 26Mists’ BardicWestMistsYes
Nov 1Cynagua Fall Coronet – CampingWestCynaguaYes
Nov 9Mists Fall InvestitureWestMistsYes

Royal Preferences



10th C Scandinavia 
(Fights in Roman kit)

10th C Norway
Personal Colors
Black, Yellow, White
Blue, White
Rampant white dog next to Gold spear
Re-designed heraldry will have a Compass star, design TBD
Alcoholic: Dark beers (Chocolate, Coffee, Sour Cherry), Belgian Tripel/Dubbel, Spicy Michelada beer, Mead
Non-Alcoholic: Filtered water, unsweetened black iced tea.
Drink Dislikes: Hoppy beer (IPAs)
Alcoholic: Gin & Tonic, Pineapple and other fruit ciders, Belgian Tripel/Dubbel, Gin & Vodka Martinis, Sangria, Wine, Mead
Non-Alcoholic: Filtered water,  unsweetened iced tea (green or black)
Drink dislikes: Dry cider, dry mead, Hoppy beer
Snack preference: Hummus & Veggies, Chips & Fresh Salsa, Meats & Cheeses, Olives, Fruit, Salmon, Jerky

Food dislike: Lamb, offal 
Allergies: Melon (severe), Eggplant (lesser)
Snack preference: Hummus & Veggies, Chips & Fresh Salsa, Meats & Cheeses, Olives, Fruit, Jerky, Nuts & dried fruit, Salmon lox

Food dislike: Offal
Allergies: Sodium Benzoate (Moderate) 
Note: Artificial preservative often found in commercial sauces, sodas, mixers
Likes/InterestsMetal casting, Coins, Fighting, Metal Stamping, SewingSewing, Beads, Coins, Cooking, Gaming, Archery, Embroidery, Blades