Current Royalty

The Prince and Princess of the Mists & Their Court

Prince Ulfr and Princess Thyri,
81st Coronet of the Principality of the Mists

Head of Court:  Domina Brid Hecgwiht (Marisa Herzog on FB)

Royal Progress

Date Event Kingdom Princip. Ulfr & Thyri
May 18 Mists Spring Investiture West Mists Yes
June 1 Kingdom Collegium West Mists Yes
June 21-23 June Crown West Oertha Yes
July 3-7 West-AnTir War An Tir An Tir Yes
July 13 Cynagua Summer Investiture West Cynagua Yes
July 20 Debarchery West Mists Yes
July 27 Barony of Tarnmists Protectorate West Southern Marches Yes
Aug 3 Vinhold Prize Tourney West Mists Yes
Aug 10 Northern Wolf Prize West Mists Yes
Aug 15-18 Sport of Kings An Tir   Yes – Ulfr Only
Aug 23-25 Purgatorio Coronation West   Yes
Aug 30 Highland War Caid   Yes
Sept 6-8 Mists – Cynagua War West Mists Yes
Sept 14 Westermark Madness West Mists Yes – Thyri Only
Sept 20 Mists Fall Coronet West Mists Yes
Sept 28 Autumn Crown West   Yes
Oct 5 Hawk’s Haven Turkey Tourney
West Mists Yes
Oct 8-14 Great Western War Caid Wintermist Yes
Oct 18 Kingdom Arts & Sciences Tournament West   Yes
Oct 26 Mists’ Bardic West Mists Yes
Nov 1 Cynagua Fall Coronet – Camping West Cynagua Yes
Nov 9 Mists Fall Investiture West Mists Yes

Royal Preferences



10th C Scandinavia 
(Fights in Roman kit)

10th C Norway
Personal Colors
Black, Yellow, White
Blue, White
Rampant white dog next to Gold spear
Re-designed heraldry will have a Compass star, design TBD
Alcoholic: Dark beers (Chocolate, Coffee, Sour Cherry), Belgian Tripel/Dubbel, Spicy Michelada beer, Mead
Non-Alcoholic: Filtered water, unsweetened black iced tea.
Drink Dislikes: Hoppy beer (IPAs)
Alcoholic: Gin & Tonic, Pineapple and other fruit ciders, Belgian Tripel/Dubbel, Gin & Vodka Martinis, Sangria, Wine, Mead
Non-Alcoholic: Filtered water,  unsweetened iced tea (green or black)
Drink dislikes: Dry cider, dry mead, Hoppy beer
Snack preference: Hummus & Veggies, Chips & Fresh Salsa, Meats & Cheeses, Olives, Fruit, Salmon, Jerky

Food dislike: Lamb, offal 
Allergies: Melon (severe), Eggplant (lesser)
Snack preference: Hummus & Veggies, Chips & Fresh Salsa, Meats & Cheeses, Olives, Fruit, Jerky, Nuts & dried fruit, Salmon lox

Food dislike: Offal
Allergies: Sodium Benzoate (Moderate) 
Note: Artificial preservative often found in commercial sauces, sodas, mixers
Likes/InterestsMetal casting, Coins, Fighting, Metal Stamping, SewingSewing, Beads, Coins, Cooking, Gaming, Archery, Embroidery, Blades