Award Recommendation Letter

 Principality Award Recommendation Letter

Greetings and Salutations to Their Highnesses of the Principality of the Mists:

I send to You this missive in order to recommend a member of the Populace for a well-deserved award.

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(so you can be contacted if there are questions - this information goes only to the Mists Royals and is shared with no one else)

[Please fill in as much information as possible. If you aren't certain, leave a box blank. It is more important to send your letter than to worry about all the details. However, if there isn't enough information, Their Highnesses will not be able to give the award.]

(fill in either one or both, to the best of your knowledge)

If you wish to specify an award, here are more detailed lists of awards:


If you have difficulty using this form, please try using the West Kingdom form at:
It sends letters to any one of the three Principalities or to the Kingdom.