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All Hail the new Heirs,
Alfar and Eilis,
Lord and Lady
of the Mists


Their Highnesses, Brian and Marguerite

Words to the Populace

Unto the populace of the Mists do Brian and Marguerite, Prince and Princess, send warm greetings! Know all that it is Our intent to have a Mists populace badge, a process that was started many years ago when Her Highness was Seawolf Herald. Since three separate permission to conflict requests (needed for the first attempt) have gone unanswered, We are moving on.
We ask that all who have ideas/thought/suggestions/opinions for the populace badge please share them with Us in all due haste – and no later than Saturday, May 16th at the Investiture of Our Heirs.

Don’t draw or speak herald? That’s fine – all We need is a clear description in writing of your idea or a sketch, and We can have it redrawn. A box to submit your sketch/idea will be conspicuously present (along with a large poster requesting ideas) at Mists/Cynagua War, Beltane, and Investiture – look near the Heralds or royal pavilions.

After all ideas are collected, it is our hope that Our Heirs Alfar and Eilis will, with the Seawolf and College of Heralds’ help, check all the ideas submitted for conflicts at the Heralds meeting on Sunday, May 17th.

All ideas that are clear of heraldic conflicts will be put forward to the populace to advise Our Heirs on the populace’s favorite in an easy, fast poll (such as survey monkey). A reasonable time will be allowed for polling based on advice from the Heralds. It is Our sincere hope that this will finalize the populace badge once and for all, so that the populace can sign a new petition and the Mists may submit paperwork by the end of Our Heirs’ reign for the most popular badge idea.

In Service,

Brian, Princeps
Marguerite, Princepessa

Upcoming Events in and around the Principality of the Mists:

Mists/Cynagua War 2015 @ Ed Levin Park
May 8 – May 10 all-day

Oh such a fortunate populace are we, to have two brother princes, both alike in nobility, love, and respect as Brian Prince of the Mists, and Bjorn Prince of Cynagua. And doubly blessed are we to have the beauty and shared affection of our noble princess sisters, Princess Marguerite and Princess Hilarie.

How shall the close knit affection between our noble siblings be expressed?


Hear now the martial call of their Highnesses. Gather all your strengths. Bring your armor, weapons, crafts, and deadly artistic talents and join us at the Mists/Cynagua War!

Friday May 8th Sunday May 10th, 2015

Site opens at 12:00 noon on Friday May 8th.

Ages 12 and up: $5
Ages 11 and under: free
Family Max: $40

Activities will include:

Game Challenges With Prizes

  • Art & Sciences Competitions for War Points
  • Arts: cooking (topic: Feed The Troops)
  • Fine Arts: bardic (topic: Entertain The Troops)
  • Sciences: containers, any size or style (examples: scabbards, reliquaries, haversacks, bench-boxes, drinking vessels, wagons, unnecessarily elaborate armor bags, et cetera)

Documentation will not be required in any of these competitions, but will improve an entry’s score.


Saturday dinner will be a potluck. Their Highesses Brian and Marguerite will be providing spit roasted “swans” as the base of the pot luck. The populace is asked to bring a tur…um…swan alternative main, side dish, or dessert to share. A large cooking area with BBQ pit, (Santa Maria style) will be prepared with charcoal for any cooks that would like to help feed the populace. Stove space will be available. Assistance is asked for helping carve the birds.

Marshall: Mists Earl Marshall, Loy Schiemann der Kleine- chad.lynch@gmail.com 408-618-9902

Sedania & Gryffen de Corwyn (Ronda & James Miyake)

Mists Spring Investiture 2015 @ Martinez Masonic Lodge #41
May 16 @ 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

As the spring buds burst forth into fresh blossoms and young shoots, so too our Principality brings forth its new royalty. Their Highnesses Brian and Marguerite welcome all to witness the investiture of Their heirs.

A feast will be prepared by Mistress Catherine of Wessex. If you have any dietary or allergy questions, please contact her at Cathyblancett@yahoo.com. Ticket requests should be sent to the autocrat (shamayel.daoud@gmail.com).

No open flames allowed. Food and drink are only allowed in the feast area. Please try to carpool as parking is limited.

In addition to court festivities, the day will be filled with period arts and sciences! Competitions are listed below. Contact the A&S minister (arts@mists.westkingdom.org) with questions.

Technical Science: Seals & Waxes
Performing Arts: Read a letter as: a lord dictating a letter to his scribe, a scribe reading back a letter to his lord, a parent intercepting a love letter to their child.
Silver Spoon: A period dish featuring eggs and/or dairy. Contact the Silver Spoon minister (silverspoon@mists.westkingdom.org) with questions.

Site Info:
Martinez Masonic Hall
700 Masonic St / Martinez, CA 94553
Site opens at 9:30 am and closes at 9:00 pm

Site Fee: $10 (NMS $5), Children 6-12: $5; 5 and under: free, Family Max: $40. Feast tickets $11. Make checks payable to “SCA – Principality of the Mists”.

Autocrat: Catrin Aderyn (Shamayel Daoud) // 858-527-5699

Make your best route toward Martinez.
Via Highway 4: Take the Alhambra Ave exit toward Martinez. Turn north onto Alhambra Ave. Turn right onto Masonic St. The hall will be on the right.
Via Highway 680: From North: Take the Marina Vista Rd exit toward Waterfront Road. Turn left onto Marina Vista Ave. Turn left onto Ferry St. Turn right onto Masonic St. The hall will be on the left. From South: Take the Waterfront Rd exit toward Marina Vista Rd. Turn left onto Waterfront Rd, and continue onto Marina Vista Ave. Turn left onto Ferry St. Turn right onto Masonic St. The hall will be on the left.

Feast Menu (so far):

  • Bread, Butter/Herb Butter
  • Dried Fruits
  • Punge (meatballs)
  • Torta Inivre (Chicken Pie)
  • Lonsenges or Makerouns (mac & cheese)
  • Veg Compost (pickled veggies)
  • Mushroom Leek (also some with no leeks)
  • Boiled Garlic
  • Stuffed Pig (stuffed Pork Loin – smoked)Cherry Sauce
  • Salat
  • Sprouts
  • Spiced Lentils
  • Saffron Rice
  • Gingerbread
  • Tarts
  • Cakes

Gold Key Wish List

Our Gold Key Minister, Edric Rannulf, works hard to ensure that newcomers are well and happily attired at events. He is currently working diligently to maintain and enrich the Principality’s wardrobes, and yet has need of certain items. If you have any of these items (in good repair) to donate, please contact Edric:

  • Tunics and other garb in Large Men’s sizes
  • Garb for grammar school-age children
  • Belts
  • Veils and circlets or woven bands to hold them
  • Cloaks

Your Principality Needs You!

The SCA is a volunteer-run organization, and there are plenty of opportunities to support the Principality of the Mists and use your valuable skills and talents (not to mention gain tons of gratitude and glory!) as an Officer of the Principality. The following Officers are curerntly seeking deputies to train as successors:

  • The Principality Archer (Organizes and oversees the safety and honor of archery activities).
  • The Regalia MinisterJania of Call Duck Manor, who makes sure that all regalia gets to and leaves events intact and is stored appropriately, is seeking someone to assist her with the carrying to and fro of the regalia. Please contact her for details.
  • In addition, the Principality Constable is always in need of trusty folk to help “sit gate” (help at the check-in area) at events. It’s easy, fun and a great way to meet new people and truly serve your Principality. Contact the Constable for more info.
  • There are many other, less commital ways to help. Most people will gratefully accept an offer to simply help them carry stuff. At tournaments, the Lists Officer often employs young folk to act as Pages to carry cards to the Field Heralds. Staying after events to clean up afterwards helps your hard-working Autocrats stay sane. If you are new to the SCA, it is truly a wonderful way to meet people and get yourself known to others.

From the Arts & Sciences Minister

Greetings to the Populace of the Principality of the Mists From the Mists Ministers of Arts & Sciences:
We are hoping to expand Arts and Sciences activities in the next two years, and to do a few familiar things a little differently. Please read on here for details about A&S activites for 2013/14. We are also very excited that their Highnesses are supporting the Silver Muse.

Archery and Equestrian Activities

There’s more to do in the Principality than fight or eat.

Another year is on us as we plan out our equestrian calendar. Many interesting things will be going on with the horses of the Mist so check back! There’s more information from the Mists Equestrian Minister, Lord Hamish MacGowan.

And there’s a growing interest in archery. The Mists Archer, Sveinn Ulfsson, has information for anyone interested or just curious about “bow’n’arrows.” And often there are loaner bows for those who don’t yet have their own.

Fighter Practices in the Mists

Here is a listing of fighter practices within the Principality. I have included all practices for heavy fighting, rapier and archery that I have been able to find. some practices are seasonal, so call ahead before making a long trip.

I’d love to be able to include light fighting and seige weapons. If something is listed incorrectly, or if you know of a regular practice that I have left out, please contact me.


From the Silver Spoon

The current version of the Silver Spoon Competition Judging Sheet is on-line. The Minister recommends that potential competitors and judges (and anyone who is curious) look at it to see what we’re expecting in an entry. If you have any comments, corrections, recommendations, or questions, please contact the Minister of the Silver Spoon.


Important Message from the Seawolf Scribe

Richard of Alder Tree, our Seawolf Scribe, has important words for the populace. If you don’t have your scroll yet, it’s worth taking a look.(Updated October 2012)  Read more…

Important Message from the
Minister of the Saltatoris Nebulorum

Crystal of the Westermark, the Mists Minister for Dance, has information for the populace: what dance competitions are coming up, where to learn to dance outside of events, events that feature dancing, and more.

On-Line Award Recommendation Letter
Think someone deserves an award? Not sure how to write a letter of recommendation? The Kingdom Heralds have an on-line form that sends your recommendation to the current Prince and Princess of the Mists (or other sitting Royalty). The form guides you through the necessary information their Highnesses will need. Check it out: Award Recommendation Letter

Principality of the Mists Social Media

Check out the Principality of the Mists Facebook Page

Want to get information about what is happening within the borders of the Principality of the Mists, but want to avoid the intensity of the West Kingdom list?
Want to share information about your event, feast, workshop, etc. happening within the borders of the Principality of the Mists?

Well, now there’s an e-mail list for us – mistsprincipality on Yahoo!Groups. Use this little form, if you like:

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