West-Antir War @ Lazy J Ranch
Jun 30 @ 12:00 pm – Jul 5 @ 1:00 pm

Come once again to the beautiful, temperate coastlands and the epic war between the mighty Kingdoms of An Tir and the West. There will be battles, both heavy and rapier. There will be Arts and Sciences, rapier and archery, equestrian activities galore–and of course there will be fine merchants.

This year, Grand Court is hosted by the Kingdom of the West!

Site OPENS for Merchants on June 29th at NOON.  Site opens on June 30th at NOON for the general populace.

Only those who have coordinated with site setup leads and the volunteer coordinator will be let on site early.

UPDATES! 4/1/2022

First, War has officially been extended through July 5th! Calendars are still being updated but as of today, War will run June 30th through July 5th, 2022 for the general populace! To cover the additional cost of another day of showers and biffies, site fee needed to be slightly increased to $60 at pre-reg and $65 at gate($55 and $60 respectively with the SCA member discount).

Second, Pre-registration is now OPEN! This year all registration types are filtered through the same pre-registration form, including standard attendees, merchants, RVs/Trailers, or Equestrians. The other significant change this year is land allotment for registered group camping will be tied to pre-registration numbers. Please see the War website and the pre-registration form for details. Encourage your group member to register early to maximize your groups allotment!

Mists-Cynagua War @ EcoCamp Berryessa
Aug 19 – Aug 21 all-day

Join Their Highnesses of the Mists and Cynagua for a weekend of fighting and revelry on the shores of Lake Berryessa!  The site features a limited number of cabin spaces ($10 each by pre-registration only), a covered picnic area, potable water, fire pits (West Kingdom and local fire regulations prevail), and lake access.

Event Steward: E. A. Paulsen / Ula Brennasdottir

Event Steward Contact: ula@westkingdom.org / 503-314-8590

Event Date: Fri. Aug. 19, 2022 – Sun. Aug. 21, 2022

Time:  Open 2:00pm / Close 3:00pm

Registration Amount:

  • Adult Event Registration: $20
  • Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $15
  • Children (17 & younger): $0
Location of site:
EcoCamp Berryessa

7850 Berryessa-Knoxville Rd.
Napa, CA 94558

Directions to site:
From the East (Sacramento) – take your best route to I-80W to Fairfield, Exit 47B to Waterman Blvd., take Wooden Valley Rd. and CA-121 to CA128W, turn left onto CA 128W, turn right onto Berryessa-Kn Orville Rd, the park is on the right in 14.4 miles
From the South (Bay Area) – take your best route to I-80E to Fairfield, Exit 41 to Pittman Rd / Suisun Valley Rd, continue on Suisun Valley Rd to Wooden Valley Rd. and CA-121 to CA128W, turn left onto CA 128W, turn right onto Berryessa-Knoxville Rd, the park is on the right in 14.4 miles
Purgatorio Investiture @ Blue Lake Casino and Hotel
Aug 26 – Aug 28 all-day

Their majesties King Kenric and Queen Dagmar the Red invite you to the coronation of their Heirs, Crown Princess Catronia and Crown Prince Cyrus! 

Please join us in the beautiful small town of Blue Lake (there is NO lake) in the heart of the redwoods and the sun and salt sea air and celebrate The West with courts, fighting, archery, and arts and sciences. 

Features of the site: 

  1. There are approximately 13 acres of fresh mown grass in a flat field, with running potable water. 
  2. Walking distance and all connected are the Casino and Hotel which has a wonderful Restaurant called Alice’s and Sushi Bar inside.. 
  3. Walking distance to the small convenience store with attached gas station, a propane tank refill station and ice and a small amount of groceries. 
  4. There are also hook-ups and parking for RV’s and a hotel within walking distance of the site. 
  5. Dogs are allowed as long as they are on leashes.

(The hotel is being renovated and hopefully it will be complete before the event and I will notify everyone if it will be available)  



Event Steward: Lois Crawford aka Solveig Brunsdottir Email:lois1854@hotmail.com 

Cell Phone: 707-502-7696

Start time: Site will open at 12pm on Friday, August 24th, 2022 and closes at 4pm on August 26th, 2022. 

Site fee: Adult non-member registration $30; Adult member Registration $25. 17 and under free. No family cap.

Site information: Blue Lake Casino and Hotel 755 Rancheria Road Blue Lake, CA 95525 707-668-9770 

Directions: From the North and the South take 101 to Arcata, CA and turn East onto the Hwy 299 exit and drive about 6 miles to the Blue Lake exit. There will be signs posted. Please follow them. You will come to a roundabout and you will turn right towards the Casino on Chartin Road. At the first corner turn left (SCA sign will be here and a little confusing because the street is also named Chartin). Go about two blocks to Rancheria Road (SCA sign here)and turn right. Ahead of you is a chain link gate that will be open and after passing thru it turn right (SCA sign here) onto a narrow lane and go straight towards the Casino and the encampment. You are There! 

For the RV parking – before you go thru the chain link fence, turn right into the RV parking area. You will need to register with the hotel (if not open, contact the casino) and they will give you a key to unlock the power and waste area. PLEASE DO NOT GO THRU THE HOTEL PARKING LOT!

Ducal Prize Tourney — KHTI
Sep 2 – Sep 5 all-day
Because of heat, fire danger, heat, unavailable sites, heat, etc – Ducal Prize is being held at the Wyndham Sacramento Hotel. The hotel is offering a discounted rate for us, please make your reservations by calling 916-338-5800 and using the code SCA Ducal Prize. They are honoring the discount for the two days before and two days after the event as well.
A full schedule will be posted soon, but activities will include Fighting, Rapier, Bardic, Middle Eastern Hafla, A&S, the Garage Sale and of course – AUCTIONS!
Because its a hotel, we cannot bring outside food and beverages into the common areas. Discrete food and beverage is allowed in personal rooms. There will be water stations throughout. There is also a number of fast-food and sit-down restaurants available nearby. There is lots of parking (no charge) and WiFi provided.  Only service animals are allowed. Mask requirements will be updated and verified before the event begins.
Because this is a West Kingdom and KHTI co-sponsored event, you will need to file an event-specific waiver.
Site opens at 12 noon, September 2 and closes 12 noon, September 5.
Site: Wyndham Sacramento Hotel, 5321 Date Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95841
Site Fees: Adults 18 and above: $15.00, Youth 5 to 17: $10 (includes all Youth activities), Youth 5 and under are free
Directions: Take your best route to I-80 in Sacramento.
Heading east towards Sacramento – Take the Madison Road exit. You will be turning right but get into the farthest left right-turn lane as you will be immediately turning left onto Date Avenue. The hotel will be on your left
Heading west towards Sacramento – Take the Madison Road exit and turn left. Go over the overpass and turn left onto Date Avenue. The hotel will be on your left.
Please park in the parking lot at the hotel, NOT ACROSS THE STREET.
Event Steward: Caoilinn Rose Maddox (Ann Marie Boune)
Email: caoilinnrose@westkingdom.org
Phone: 916-661-2129 (no calls after 9pm unless emergency)
Mists Fall Coronet 2022 @ EcoCamp Berryessa
Sep 9 @ 2:00 pm – Sep 11 @ 2:00 pm

To the populace of the Mists, the West, and the Known World, do Princess Helga and Prince Consort Hans extend an invitation to witness the selection of Their heirs by right of arms.

The tournament will be double elimination, each round will be fought best 2 out of 3. Finals is planned to be best 3 of 5. Armor conventions will be standard West Kingdom, but helms as worn.

Early in Their reign, Their Highnesses issued a quest to the populace and to those that would wish to enter Their Coronet Tourney list – The Coronet’s Call. Those fighters wishing to enter the Fall Coronet List for the Mists are required to complete one of the listed acts of service, bardic, arts, or SCIENCE(!!).

  • 1 Hour of Service (constable/fire walks, event staff, marshall, list page, herald, etc.)
  • 1 Hour Gate Shift
  • 1 Bardic Piece Performance (official competition or non)
  • 1 Arts and Sciences Entry of Class Teaching (official competition or non)

The Prince Consort will hold a meet and greet for the youth and newcomers in the Royal Pavilion from the second round until roses open. Non-alcoholic refreshments will be provided. Please bring your newcomers to meet the Prince!

Once Their heirs are chosen, Their Highnesses would wish to celebrate with a party hosted by the Prince Consort. Refreshments will be available. In keeping with the theme of Their reign, the theme of the party will be Traders, Raiders, and (dun dun dun) Pirates! While it is not required to be dressed in line with the theme, Their Highnesses invite you to see this as an opportunity to bring some fun and whimsy to our wonderful Principality.

Site opens Friday at 2pm and closes on Sunday at 2pm.

Site Fee: Adult non-member $25 | Adult member $20 | Children (17 & younger) $0

Pre-registration (optional): https://sites.google.com/westkingdom.org/epay/home

Event Steward: Luxia Sabina (Colleen Nicole Fox) | 510.746.6404 | lux@westkingdom.org

Site Address: EcoCamp Berryessa – 7850 Berryessa-Knoxville Rd., Napa, CA 94558

Additional event information can be found on the event webpage: https://sites.google.com/westkingdom.org/mistsfallcoronet2022 

Cabin Information:

The site features a limited number of cabin spaces ($10 each by pre-registration only), covered picnic areas, potable water, solar power, stone privies, coin-operated showers, and lake access.

  • Cabins sleep eight each and have sturdy bunk beds with thick vinyl-covered mattresses, have operable windows, lights, and power.
  • There are some ADA accessible cabins; please note this request on the bunk reservation form.
  • Unvaccinated individuals must wear a mask AT ALL TIMES when inside the cabins – this includes while sleeping.

Cabin bunk reservation form: https://forms.gle/sqRxpwcepTXvz2cw9 

Directions to Site:

  • From the East (Sacramento): Take your best route to I-80 W to Fairfield. Take Exit 47B to Waterman Blvd. Continue on Waterman Blvd. to  Wooden Valley Rd. Turn right onto CA-121 S to CA-128 W. Turn left onto CA-128 W. Turn right onto Berryessa-Knoxville Rd. The park is on the left in 14.4 miles.
  • From the South (Bay Area): Take your best route to I-80 E to Fairfield. Take Exit 41 to Suisun Valley Rd/Pittman Rd. Continue on Suisun Valley Rd to Wooden Valley Rd. Turn right onto CA-121 S to CA-128 W. Turn left onto CA-128 W. Turn right onto Berryessa-Knoxville Rd. The park is on the left in 14.4 miles.
West Kingdom Equestrian Championship @ Ed Hughes Arena
Sep 18 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

West Kingdom Equestrian Championship

Sept 18th 8am to 5pm

Ed Hughes Arena,  600 South Church Street, Ione, Ca 95640

Event Steward: Dianne Karp (Siobhan ni Seaghdha, OP) diannekarp@gmail.com  775.742.1457

Site fee:  $25 nonmember adult, $20 member adult, children under 18 free.

General Directions:  From the North, take your best route to Ione, CA  From W Main Street, turn right onto 124s/S Church St and left into the arena.      From the south, take 99 to 88E in Stockton, turn left on 124N and right into the arena.

Welcome to West Kingdom Equestrian Championship AS 57.  We have a different site this year as the archers will not be with us.  ED Hughes Arena is very large and is covered.  The event is a one-day event but there is the option to haul your horse(s) onto the site the evening before.  Please do not plan to arrive before 5pm so as to give the event steward time to arrive on site.

 Box stalls are $45. Outside pens are $27. Owner set up pens are $18.  Sleeping onsite over night is $18 for a dry camp.    If you are not bringing horses to overnight, please do not plan to camp, thank you.  All fees are payable to the City of Ione. Forms must be signed, and monies given to the Event Steward, when you arrive onsite.  Checks are preferred.

As of the writing of this copy, rentals horses have not been confirmed.  Please contact the Event Steward or look for announcements in the West Kingdom Facebook group. If you will need to be authorized to ride for this event, and there are no formal practices near you, please let the Event Steward know BEFORE the event so time to do a Games authorization can occur Sunday am.

Championship will have two parts.  Part one is a challenge course consisting of Heads, Reed Chop and Rings.  The course may be attempted at any gait or combination of gaits.  Points are earned for removing Heads and Reeds and for spearing the Rings (rings will be the standard one inch to six inches in diameter).  Ring lances must be 7 feet long and loaners are available, as are swords for the Heads and Reed chop.  The winner will be determined by dividing your point score by the amount of time it takes to complete. (Example: 50 pts divided by 30 seconds = 1.7.  100 pts divided by 120 seconds = .83).  IKEqC point values will be used.  There will be a prize for the winner..

The second part will consist of a Ride Before the Prince Element where elegance of horse and rider will be considered.  The pattern is a serpentine from Pierre de la Noue, 1620 (out of period but an easier pattern than the in-period serpentine}.   It looks like an inverted cone.  The Gallery will be looking for consistency of pace, quiet cues, elegance of seat and even loops on the turns.  Again, any gait may be used.  Extra weight will be given to the rider who canters the whole pattern but ONLY if the other parts are accomplished. A copy of the pattern will be given to everyone in the morning. The Gallery will determine the winner of this part and there will be a prize for it.

***The Champion will be determined by using a ranked order system combining both elements.

October Crown 2022 @ Rancho Seco Recreation Area
Sep 30 – Oct 2 all-day
  • Event Steward: Chaninai bint Ibrahim ibn Rashid (Chani) – Kristina Spurgeon
  •         Event Steward phone number and email: 530 520-2377, klbspurgeon@gmail.com
  •         Date: September 30-October 2, 2022
  •         Time: Opens Friday at 12:00 PM, closes at 5:00 PM Sunday
  •         Registration Amount – Adult Event Registration: $30, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $25, Children under 17 are free, No Family Cap
  •         Name of sponsoring branch: West Kingdom
  •         Location of site – Rancho Seco Recreational Park (14962 Twin Cities Rd, Herald CA 95638)
  • Directions:  See map: Google Maps

    General Directions: Take the Twin Cities Road / CA-104 towards Herald. Turn into the park, you will see the old nuclear power plant, 14440 Twin Cities Road.
    From Sacramento/North: Find your best route to CA-99 South OR i5-South. Then follow the general directions.
    From Fresno/South: Take your best route to CA-99 North. Then follow general directions.
    From Reno/East: Take CA-88 West. Then follow general directions.
    From Bay Area/West: Find your best route to I-580 East, to I-205 East, to I-5 North and CA-99 North. Then follow general directions.

  •     More will be added in time, please check the FB event page.
1. Propane fire pits and stoves are allowed. Wood fires may ONLY be in the permanent fire pits.
2. RVs- please call Anna at 800-416-6992 Additional fees will apply.
3. Vardo owners please message the Event Steward
4. No driving on the grass! Bring carts. Parking will be clearly marked.
5. Yes! You can swim in the lake!
6. Showers and flush privies are on site. We will also have portables with wash stations available at the camping and list field areas.
Great Western War @ Buena Vista Aquatic Park
Oct 4 – Oct 10 all-day
Mists Bardic 2022 @ Santa Cruz Masonic Lodge
Oct 22 all-day

As autumn is nearly upon us and my year of service draws to a close, it
brings me great joy to announce that Mists Bardic will be held at the Santa
Cruz Masonic Lodge on October 22, 2022!

Come and join us as we gather to celebrate the Bardic Arts and witness the
competition to determine the next Bard of the Mists, the best job in the
Knowne World.

The competition will be compromised of the traditional five rounds:

  • Period Piece
  • Piece in a Period Style
  • Masterwork
  • Sitting Bard’s Choice: Inclusiveness and Welcome
  • Five Words from a Hat

Please provide brief documentation for the Period Piece and the Piece in a
Period Style. In keeping with recent changes to our Society guidelines, we
welcome styles from bardic traditions from all pre-1601 cultures world-wide.
It is preferred that all pieces presented, with the exception of the Period
Piece, be the competitor's own work. Auditors are welcome.

In the interest of protecting the health of all attendees to the best of our
ability, we have made the hard decision to forego a feast this year.
Attendees are encouraged to bring their own food and drink and to
maintain social distancing as possible.

Event Steward: Aasa Thorvaldsdottir
Site Information: Santa Cruz Masonic Lodge (828 N. Branciforte, Santa
Cruz, CA 95060)

Event Date/Time: Saturday, October 22, 2022

Site Opens at Noon, competition to start at 1:00pm

Site Fee: Non-Member Adult – $15
Member Adult – $10
Youth (17 & under) – $0

West Kingdom Archery Championship @ Yolo Bowman Archery Club
Oct 23 – Oct 24 all-day

Unfortunately, this year the reigning Archery Champion is unavailable to host the event on the normal date with the Equestrian Championship. So, he has secured the Windy Meads Range. All skill levels are welcome to come out and shoot. Come out and and shoot for fun even if you don’t want to compete. Come out and picnic and cheer on the competitors! Bring a sack lunch and maybe a chair. The overall shoot will definitely be scored as a GAT, a Grand Archery Tournament, but the exact elements are not yet known. The winner of this championship will serve as Kingdom Champion for 1 year, stepping up at Twelfth Night. They should be prepared to meet all archery challenges and agree to run the shoot to be held during the following Fall.

Date: October 23, 2022

Event Steward: Sibéal inghean Alaxandair (Sandy Lowry)

Phone: 707-291-9810

Shoot to be run by the current Kingdom Champion, Seán Ó Labhradha

Site Information:
Yolo Bowmen Archery Club (Yolo Grasslands Regional Park, Davis CA )
Yolo Grasslands Regional Park Davis , CA

Start Time:
Gate opens at 9:00 AM and the shoot starts at 10:00 AM. Shooting is expected to be complete about 4:00 PM.

Site Fee: Adult Event Registration: $20, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $15. Non-archers $5. Children (under 16): free.

Directions:  Online maps have been unreliable — like miles off — do not use them unless you want to see miles of backroads that do not include the site!.

Take I-80 to Davis. Exit at Mace Blvd. Proceed south on Mace 4 miles. Mace becomes County Road 104. At Tremont Road, turn left into the parking lot of The Yolo Grasslands Park.
If manually entering the address use the Grasslands Regional Park address: “Mace Blvd & Tremont Rd, Davis, CA 95618”. The listed address for Yolo Bowmen when entered will take you half a mile south of the site.
West Kingdom Collegium @ Martinez Church of Christ
Nov 12 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Live from the West Kingdom, Collegium Occidentalis is back with In Person Classes.  We will have three classrooms and four additional rooms for classes.  We also have room on the field for heraldic voice classes, martial demonstrative classes, dance classes and a day long and a scribal arts workshop pavilion. (The field also includes a gazebo in case of inclement weather.)  Sadly, we do not have access to the kitchen so there will be no hands-on cooking classes and no feast.  This is a dry site.

Event Steward:  Antonio Giordano da Sicilia/ A.J. Pongratz
Event Steward Contact:  (916) 600-2716, antonio@westkingdom.org

Date: November 12, 2022
Site opens at 9:30 a.m., classes begin at 10:00am.  Site closes at 6:00 pm.

Site Information:  Martinez Church of Christ; 5050 Hiller Lane, Martinez, CA 94533

Site Directions:  Take your best route to the intersection of Highway 680 and Highway 4 in Martinez. From the intersection, go West and take the Morello Avenue exit heading North.  Turn right on Arnold Drive and left on Hiller Lane.  The church will be on your left.

Adult Event Registration: $20, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $15, Children under 17: Free

Mists Fall Investiture @ Sebastopol Masonic Lodge
Nov 19 @ 9:30 am – 9:00 pm

Helga, by right of arms, Prince of the Mists, and Hans, by his grace and beauty, Prince Consort of the Mists, do cordially invite you to witness the Investiture of Their Heirs.

Competitions will include: Arts and sciences silver muse Competitions
There will be two in this last in the “Arts and Science though the Ages” series! Come, enjoy and participate!

  • The Early time will be 11th Century
  • Later Period will be 16th Century

You could play a tune or create a necklace, teach us how to make some rings? Sing some chants or mead your way into our hearts!

We are encouraging our artisans to not only make things but teach how to make them (as well as this is also a part of the competition)

Documentation is required but don’t let that scare you away (simple is all we ask but if you want to do more that’s wonderful) (Help is available!)

Donations to largess are always appreciated as our gifts are always appreciated so much! Please contact Rew Payne at Rew@westkingdom.org for more information.

Site Information: Sebastopol Masonic Lodge, 373 N. Main Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472. Parking is limited, so please carpool if you can.
Event Hours: 9:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Site Fee: Adult non-member $25 | Adult member $20 | Children (17 & younger) $0. Pre-registration is optional.
Paypal: https://sites.google.com/westkingdom.org/epay/home
Please make checks out to “SCA- Principality of the Mists”.

Beli Bailey of Kintyre
Phone: (707) 217-1094
Email: belibailey@gmail.com

Directions: From the North: Take 101 S to 12. Go west on 12 and into Sebastopol. Take a right onto 116 (116 is divided into two one-way roads at this point) and go past the town center (where the road turns left to rejoin the east bound section). Continue west. The Sebastopol Masonic Center is on the right across from Safeway. It is a white building with blue trim. From the South: Take 101 N to 116. Go left and under 101. Proceed to Sebastopol, where the road will divide into two one-way roads. Go past the town center (where the road turns left to rejoin the east bound section). Continue west. The Sebastopol Masonic Center is on the right across from Safeway. It is a white building with blue trim.

West Coast Culinary Symposium @ Camp Bothin
Feb 17 – Feb 19 all-day

Mark your calendars West Coast Culinanary Symposium is coming!

When: Friday thru Sunday, February 17 – 19, 2023.

Where: Camp Bothin, Fairfax, CA

Special Guest Speaker: TBD

Classes: TBD

Site fee: TBD

Steward: Agnes barengarii de Girona

Email: Peggy.viney@gmail.com

Watch this space for more information!

Cynagua-Mists War @ KHTI - Cathey's Valley
May 5 @ 12:00 pm – May 7 @ 3:00 pm

Come one Come all to Cynagua-Mist war!!!!!

This war shall be the inaugural event for the KHTI site!!!! Come fight, camp, party, and explore the new site.

Principality War!
Do you hear the drums of War???
Does the thought of battle boil your blood??
Listen to the Cravings in your heart and come to War!!!
Come witness The Clash of Titans on and off the battlefield with Arts and Sciences, Cooking, Archery and Rapier!

All activities count toward the tally for the winners of the war!
Individual competition information TBA.
Can’t wait to see all of you fine an admirable hobbitses!!!!!!

Event Webpagehttps://sites.google.com/westkingdom.org/2023cynagua-mistswar/home

Event Steward : Shintaro Masashige Minamoto aka Lash (Cennedy McPhail) — E-mail : cennedym@yahoo.com

Site Information:
Start Time: Gate opens 12pm 5/5 , closes 3pm 5/6, site closes on 5/7
Site Fee: 
  • Adult Event Registration: $25;
  • Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $20;
  • Youth under 17 free

Make best way to Merced CA. From Merced take CA-140 East 22.9 miles turn right onto Via Caballo Rd.
Or enter KHTI into your GPS and it should find it.

Mists Fall Coronet 2023 @ San Benito County Fairgrounds
Sep 8 – Sep 10 all-day

Unto the populace of the Mists, the West and the Knowne World do Prince Roland and Princess Audrey extend an invitation to witness the selection of the Their Heirs by right of arms. Their Tournament will be held at beautiful Bolado Park in The Barony of Darkwood.

Pre-registration is available and optional

A&S Competitions
#5: Winged: Take a flight of fancy! Some special Roman jewelry comes to mind! How about some prose of Michel and his fight? What ingredients come from winged beasts? Those illumination’s would be a fanciful feat with winged creatures in its designs!
#6: Horned & Tusked: Oh leather workers and customers I’m looking at you! What about inspiration in armor or hats? What creature’s horns would turn up in a bottle? What drinking vessels could be made or etched items of stories?

More Information: While this site is flat there are gophers and invariably gopher holes. Electric wheelchairs should be doable. There are showers and flushies on site. RV space is available and should be directly booked with the park.

Terrain Description: This is a fairgrounds site, but the area we use has a lot of gopher holes. Be careful of your ankles
Site Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible
Electrical Outlets, Close / Handicap Parking, Cell Phone Reception
Amenities on Site: Stone Privies, Portable Privies, Showers, Potable Water, Shopping near by, RV Parking, RV Hookups, Pet Friendly

Bolado Park and Surrounding Area

From south of Gilroy: Take the best route to US-101 N to CA-156 E toward San Juan Batista/ Hollister. Turn right onto Union Road. Turn right onto Airline Hwy/ CA-25. *Follow CA-25 through Tres Pinos and the fairgrounds will be on your right.

From the Bay Area: Take US-101 S. Take the CA-25 exit toward Hollister CA-25 merging right going into Hollister. Turn left onto Santa Ana Road. Turn right onto Fairview Road. Turn left onto Airline Hwy/ CA-25 and follow CA-25 through Tres Pinos and the fairgrounds will be on your right.

From I-5: Take CA-33 exit at Santa Nella towards Gilroy. Turn West onto CA-33. Merge onto CA-152 West toward Gilroy. Turn left onto CA-156/ Pacheco Pass Hwy. Turn left onto Fairview Road. Turn left onto Airline Hwy/ CA-25 and follow CA-25 through Tres Pinos and the fairgrounds will be on your right.

War Practice @ Cataldi Park
Sep 10 @ 2:00 pm

West Kingdom General Staff is holding an all-hands war practice on Sunday, Sept 10th at Cataldi Park in San Jose at 2PM after regular armored practice.

Please bring your war weapons and gear.

2900 Cataldi Dr San Jose 95132

Corner of Agua Vista and Wexford in San Jose.

Start Time: 2 PM

Corner of Agua Vista and Wexford