Silver Spoon Competitions

Silver Spoon Competitions for 2017 

Greetings populace of the Mists,
The cooking theme for the Silver Spoon this year is THE FOUR FOOD GROUPS.

Competitions are as follows 

  • Spring Coronet:  VEGETABLES!!  Any period dish made with Vegetables.
  • Spring Investiture:  MEATS!! Any period dish made with Meat.
  • Fall Coronet: DAIRY OR GRAINS!!! ( or if you are a zombie, Graaaaaains) Any Period dish made with Dairy or Grains,  or Dairy AND Grains.
  • Fall Investiture: FRUITS!  Any period dish made with Fruit.As always, this is a NO WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION competition, but you should come prepared to speak about your dish, where the recipe comes from, redactions, what worked, what did not, what you would do differently.   Remember a competition is when there is more than one dish entered. The competitors will be the judges.

Baroness Margaret Graham, Minister of the Silver Spoon.

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