Mists Fall Coronet 2019

September 20, 2019 – September 22, 2019 all-day
Skyline Wilderness Park
2201 Imola Avenue
CA 94559
Adult Event Registration: $20,Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $15, Children/minors under 18: free
Sara a la Petite Rose (Sarah Rozett)

Their Highnesses, Ulfr and Thyri invite you to witness the crossing of swords, crashing of shields and roar of the crowd, as fighters come from near and far to vie for the Mistland thrones, Cradle of Kingdoms.

Tournament details as follows:

Each round is best 2 of 3
Finals is best 3 of 5- weapons of choice

There will be an evening revel with gaming and camaraderie. Please keep your eyes on Facebook and listen for the morning announcements on tournament day for an updated schedule.

Mists A&S Competition/Display
This year’s theme: An Evening Well Spent
Documentation? Yes!
Please bring your entry AND documentation for it if you plan to enter the competition. About 3 pages is a great length for competition documentation. So is 1 page.

Fall Coronet
Children’s Items – Any item used at bedtime
Ex: Dressing gown, cap,
Child’s Verses and Stories- A performing art piece
Ex: Bedtime stories, Lullabies

Mists Silver Spoon
Mists Silver Spoon Competitions will use the people who might have had a hand in growing, preparing, or producing food in period as its inspiration. All competitions are participant judged, so please be ready and available to talk about your dish(es) and to taste the other dishes.

Fall Coronet:
From the Farmer – ingredients grown or gathered by the farmer; eggs, milk, orchard fruits

Event Steward: Sara a la Petite Rose (Sarah Rozett) / Da’ud Ibn Ali (David Williams)

Email: Sara.petiterose@gmail.com/ da’ud.ali.sca@gmail.com

Registration: Adult Event Registration: $20, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $15, Children/minors under 18: free

Site opens: Friday September 20th at 2pm and closes Sunday September 22nd at 3PM

Location: Skyline Wilderness Park, 2201 Imola Avenue, Napa, CA 94559

Directions: Use best GPS directions to the address above and watch for the signs pointing to the correct entrance gate/parking lot.More information to come.

Fire: No wood burning permitted. Above ground Propane fires allowed. Propane torches allowed. Follow West Kingdom fire law.

Dogs: Dogs MUST BE leashed (per county law) and cleaned up after.