Fall 2021 Coronet Tournament and Investiture

September 10, 2021 – September 12, 2021 all-day
Bolado Park
9000 Airline Hwy
Tres Pinos
$25 Non-members / $20 with Member discount
Da’ud ibn Ali (David Williams)

Event Location: Bolado Park, 9000 Airline Hwy, Tres Pinos, CA (Camping Event)

Site Open: Friday, September 10th, 1:00pm
Site Close: Sunday September 12th, 4:00pm
Site Fee: $25 Non-members / $20 with Member discount

West Kingdon Fire rules will be in effect. Propane firepits only.
Pre-registration closes Wednesday, September 1st.

ALL Attendees MUST Pre-register.
Fill out the google form at https://sites.google.com/westkingdom.org/epay/home to do so.

Unlimited Pre-registrations available.
Registration cost is $25.
Member Registration includes $5 dollar discount.
Youth 18 and under are FREE.

West Kingdom Welcoming Committee available.
Event Coordinator: Da’ud ibn Ali (David Williams);
email: daud.ali.sca@gmail.com

Event Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change. Please listen for Heralds’ announcements


1:00p – Site Opens

Lists Signup Open at Lists discretion – Listen for announcement

9:00p – Lists Signup Close


8:00a – Lists Signup Open
10:00a – Lists Signup Close
10:30a– Morning Court
Invocation (immediately following Court)
Coronet Lists (immediately following Invocation)

Listen for announcement – Roses Field Open

Listen for announcement – Youth Combat

1 hour after Lists Finals – Evening Court


10:30a – Last Court of Patric & Sara, Prince & Princess of the Mists

11:30a – Break
12:00p – Investiture
First Court of Their Highnesses of The Mists (following Investiture)

4:00p – Site Closes

From the Principality Marshal

It is my pleasure as the Mists Marshal to announce the format of the coronet lists for their Highnesses.

On September 11th the tournament shall be fought in a Double Elimination type tournament. Invocation and Challenges will be done as normal, but there will be a change to the fighting format within the tournament.

The fights shall be of two (2) counted blows to demonstrate victory rather than one killing blow.

Good shots to the legs and arms shall be counted as good blows but the fighter will simply acknowledge them and continue fighting unhindered.

After each acknowledged good blow there will be a separation of the fighters to reset; not a hold, and not to be reinitialized by the marshals, only a momentary pause to clarify the blow to the onlookers.

Double kills shall be refought from the beginning immediately, resetting all blows counted to 0.

While nobody dies in a counted blows tournament, it is specifically requested by their Highnesses that the fighter kneel or show some visible deference upon defeat, so the results of the fight are clear to those watching.

This will be our first tournament in over a year so please come to inspection early, ready for internal helmet inspection of padding.

Sir James Kristof
Principality Marshal

From the Principality Rapier Champion

To the most wonderful populace of this, our glorious Principality of the Mists, do I send joyous tidings!

The plague which has swept across these lands is waning, and we shall soon meet again. On the weekend of September 10-12, we shall reunite under the banner of our great sea-wolf, to make merry and find who shall be worthy of representing our principality on the rapier field.

With the permission of their Highnesses, I have come to announce the format of the tournament! We will be fighting a round robin, should our numbers not exceed 10 in the lists. Should we draw more fighters, a standard double elimination will ensue in its stead. Standard rules of the lists will be followed, including for blows, and all bouts shall be best 2 out of 3. I

hope to see all of you wonderful friends there!

Juan Carlos Castillo de Guzman
Rapier Champion of the Mists

The Mists Archery Championship

I am very happy to be able to once again invite the archers of The Mists to compete to become Archery Champion!

This competition will include a standard Royal Round, plus the Society Seasonal Archery Challenge. There will be a sudden death tie-breaker, if needed.

Randal of Camusfearna
Mists Archery Champion

Arts and Sciences

Oyez, oyez! Your attention is requested! Arts & Sciences at Coronet wants YOU! Come show off the projects that kept you going during the plague quarantine! Bring your best, bring your attempts, bring your crafts, bring your designs — let’s highlight all arts and sciences with an amazing display!

The Silver Muse will not begin at this event so that everyone has plenty of time to research the upcoming competitions and prepare. You will find details for the individual competitions on our Principality website — start dates will be announced!

So help us start A&S off right in our Principality’s reopening event! Display will be from just after first court til just before last court at the A&S pavilion. If you would like to teach a class please let me know. I’m sure many of us would enjoy some in person lessons!

Lady Rew Payne
Principality Arts and Sciences Minister

Saltator de Nebula

Saltator de Nebula competition will be Saturday of Coronet after 3rd round, location TBD.
Listen for heralds. The dance will be Bransle des Chevaux (Horse’s Bransle).