Equestrian College

Another year is on us as we plan out our equestrian calendar. Many interesting things will be going on with the horses of the Mist so check back!

Events w/horses!

(More to be announced)


Tres Pinos Fairgrounds – Tres Pinos
9000 Airline Hwy, Tres Pinos
We have received approval from Tres Pinos to do Mounted Archery at their site! We are excited about this opportunity as this area is horse country!
We are currently working with the fairgrounds on dates and plan to expand the activities to include foot archery practice as well. Camp Overs Ok.

Time 9am to 5pm
Tentative Dates :

May 9th
June 13th
July ( either the ( 11th, or 18th, or 25th )
September 5th or 26th
Aug 8th or Aug 22nd

Once we get confirmation we will set the dates.

Covered Bridge Stables – Felton CA
220 Covered Bridge Road – Felton ( just before Santa Cruz )
At the stables in Felton we will hold basic horsemanship practice. This is YOUR opportunity to come handle, work with and potentially ride our horses.
We will be working to get more SCA folks into the saddle by providing 1:1 time with you. I highly suggest you make ever attempt to attend one
of these practices. We will be focused primarily on keeping you safe on the ground, and working on your confidence in the saddle.
Note : Wear shoes with a heel, all riders are required to wear a helmet ( we have loaners ).
No Outside horses allowed.

Time : 9am to 1pm
Tentative Dates

Feb 13th
March 6th
April 3rd
June 26th
Sept 4th
Sept 25th

Santa Cruz County Horsemen Association – Pending Board Approval
1145 Graham Hill Road, Santa Cruz
Here we will delve into the working aspects of Renaissance Horsemanship. We will focus primarily on Javelin, Quintain and Spear work.
We will also work with our horses at speed ( lope & gallop ) in a controlled manner ( with and without reins). Focus will be on hunt work ( boxing a boar!) think cow but 100 times more interesting!.

Time: 12pm to 4pm
Tentative Dates :

Feb 14th
March 14th
Aug 15th
Sept 12th

Salinas Horseman Association – Pending Board Approval
Salinas California
We are in talks with Salinas on having 1 or 2 practices at their facility. They have cows we can rent, which can be used to practice working live animals ( like boar, deer or bear ). In having your horse be able to
maneuver well is the key thing, regardless if it is a cow!!!… just think boar!…

Time – TBD
Tentative Dates – TBD

Other Information

If you are interested in joining the West Kingdom Equestrian e-mail list on Yahoo, where we communicate about upcoming events and plan our activities, go to: