Officers & Royalty

Officers of the Principality of the Mists

The Mists Royalty
Prince of the MistsHis Highness, Ulfr
Princess of the MistsHer Highness, Thyri
Greater Officers
BadgeOfficeOfficerDescription of Office
Seneschal Angelitta DeGuzman Chief administrator for and a legal representative of the Principality
Arts & SciencesKaruis Hutzelmann (interim)Encourages the teaching and display of the Arts & Sciences, and arranges for Arts & Sciences competitions
 Chirurgeon Finn the Bald Responsible for first aid and safety at Principality events, required to have some formal first-aid training.
 Chronicler Argenteilin filia Elffin  Responsible for the Principality newsletter
 ConstableNikolai IastrebovCollects event fees and sees that laws, SCA and mundane, are followed
 ExchequerSvanna MacLeod Administers and reports Principality finances
 Sea Wolf HeraldDomamir Vlatko syn Arranges for announcements in Court and at events, and for the development and registration of names and devices.
  Marshal Anton Barsuk Oversees the safety and honor of combat activities
 Equestrian MinisterLuthold von Altstadt Organizes and oversees the safety and honor of equestrian activities
  Rapier MarshalSymon Montgomery du CalvadosOrganizes and oversees the safety and honor of rapier activities
  Bard of The MistsStone the Skald Creates songs, stories, and entertainments for the Coronet and populace of the Mists

Lesser Officers






Organizes and oversees the safety and honor of archery activities


Greets and helps newcomers

Gold Key

Loans appropriate clothing as needed by newcomers or anyone without at events and maintains the loaner clothing


Manages the lists, that is, coordinating combatants in a tournament or other formal combat


Makes sure that all regalia gets to and leaves events intact and is stored appropriately


Maintains and updates this web site and the Principality e-mail list

Guilds and Groups

Teaches dance and manages dance competitions

Creates and runs Principality cooking competitions